Additional Services

Additional Services

Prestige (Party Wall) Surveyors has incorporated Achilleos Energy Assessors, therefore, we are able to offer a wider service compared to other Party Wall Surveyors.  Not only do we provide Party Wall Notices, Awards/Agreements and Schedule of Condition Reports but also provide the following services;

Residential Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) – £50

Energy Performance Certificates or EPC for short, measures the energy efficiency of a dwelling. The certificate produced from the inspection will have an indication of how efficient the property is.
The energy efficiency ranges from an A (92 – 100) to a G (1 – 20). The EPC will also produce certain recommendations that the owner could do to improve the efficiency and save money on their utility bills.

The recommendations produced by the EPC are currently not mandatory or a legal requirement to improve the property but new legislation means that by 2016 the government will enforce landlords to make improvements if the tenants request them. Click here for more information

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates – from £80
All non-domestic buildings on construction, sale and rent will require a Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC) and a Recommendation Report (RR). This information will help owners and occupiers make their building more energy efficient and allow potential buyers and tenants to compare the energy performance of different buildings. Click here for more information

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) – from £100
A DEC is an energy certificate that states the level of energy usage within a building. A DEC is required for a building that is partly occupied by a public authority or a relevant institution, the authority or institution is responsible for displaying a DEC and having a valid advisory report. Other private organisations occupying the building, irrespective of the size they occupy, do not need to display a DEC. Click here for more information

Part L Compliance for the Building Regulations

SAP Assessments – £160
SBEM Calculations from £120
Click here for more information

Legionella Risk Assessments – £90 (for combi system only) / £100 (for stored water systems)
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Floor Plans

  1. Residential 2D – £35
  2. Residential 3D – £50
  3. Commercial – 0.50p per m²
  4. AutoCad – £100 residential (0.70p per m² commercial)