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Welcome to Prestige Party Wall Surveyors Ltd

Help you with your party wall requirements

Prestige (Party Wall) Surveyors Ltd specialise in party wall matters and energy assessment with over 7 years’ experience in assisting residential and commercial property professionals, landlords and tenants across London, Hertfordshire and Essex.

We offer a comprehensive and highly competitive low cost fixed fee from £550 for the preparation of party wall awards, including party wall notices, for private residential property and commercial units. We act on behalf of the Building Owner(s), Adjoining Owner(s) or quite often BOTH!

The foundation of Prestige’s approach is to provide tailored services with expert advice for all their clients’ requirements providing maximum long term benefit.

Prestige provides the very best in industry standards and customer experience!

Building Owner
(I’m planning building works)

As the Building Owner, you have certain obligations under the Act that you must adhere to before you are able to start the project. To find out what information and requirements are needed please click below to find out.

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Adjoining Owner
(My neighbour is planning works)

As the Adjoining Owner, you will need to provide consent to the notice and ensure that there is an agreement about how the project is run and how to recover any costs if there is any damage done to your property.

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